Saturday, April 10, 2010

Software Implementation Phase Complete

The software implementation phase has been completed. Now it is time to move on to the integration and validation testing. By doing unit tests, a few bugs have been found and noted. Some of these are:

1. Application hangs when sending a send/receive message to the controller with the ip, port, or both are set to the wrong address.
2. A problem with socket closing has made the app crash multiple times. Likely not closing correctly in all possible code paths. Currently analyzing a solution.

Likely more will be found in the coming days when more comprehensive testing has been done.

Possible Changes:
1. Slight modification to the UI to allow myself to change ip/port address on the fly. Currently the addresses are hard-coded. This will make demoing the project unfeasable. A fix will be made tomorrow.

More to come as testing commences.......

UI Update

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Framework/Application Features!!

New Features to be added today:
1. Framework:
- Adding the ability for the user to query the value on an IO Line.

2. Application:
- Implementing a section in the IO Activity to show functionality of IO getValue().
- Adding a timer to show real-time example of AnalogIn functionality. Specifically
a 3-axis accelerometer.
- Adding a section to manually request a temperature value.
- As of now, application receives values which are based on voltages. Will clean up to
give more meaningful feedback.
- Make a decision to keep/remove Digital IO - IN/OUT feature. No sensors to practically
test functionality.

3. More to come.....